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machine carriage forming plate simple roll customized

Customized Simple Carriage Plate Roll Forming Machine
Equipment Overview:
The equipment is an automatic production line of the carriage plate which will strip the steel through uncoiling, leveling, punching drain holes, roll forming, double point (roll) welding, flying saw cutting. The production line is widely used in automobiles, motor tricycles, electric cars and other car side panels of the production. Our company is the earlier in the R & D and manufacturing of the forming equipment, obtained the market share rate of more than 90%.
Feeding(Manually) -  Leveling - Servo Feeding Hydraulic Punching - Roll Forming - Bilateral Automatic Point (Rolling) Welding - Straightening - Flying Saw Cutting - Discharge (Manually)
1. According to the customer's requirement, design reasonable forming passes and reasonable layout to avoid the rolling process of waves and distortions.
2 Flush the drain holes before forming to avoid the secondary processing after forming.
3. Bilateral automatic spot welding (rolling welding) after forming can be individually controlled and matched the roll forming speed, and the solder uniform and beautiful, and durable.
4. Pneumatic baffle length mechanism with the flying saw can achieve any length of cutting, accurate and simple adjustment.
5. Operator needs one person.
Technical Parameters:
1. Production speed 0-5 m / min adjustable
2. The whole line PLC control system, frequency control
3. Non-stop cutting, pneumatic baffle length, pneumatic clamping, dolly tracking cut off, flying saw automatic return.
Vertical storage board, and can be added at any time without shutdown;
Applicable to the same carton size packaging used at the same time, if you need to change the carton size, manually adjust the use (required time only 1 to 2 minutes);
The machine adopts rational design, and the suction box, molding, and back cover are automatically processed at one go;  The mechanical performance is precise and durable, the operation process has no vibration, the operation is stable and the service life is long;
This machine adopts PLC + man-machine interface display screen control, high performance, high speed, high efficiency;
Both ends of the carton sealing tape folding angle 50 ~ 70mm, can be customized 80,100 MM;
It can be used as a stand-alone machine or in combination with an automated packaging line.Customized Simple Carriage Plate Roll Forming Machine

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